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"Remodeled" Home vs. "Updated" Home--Which Term Should You Use?

Ready to put your house on the market and show off all those updates you did? Thinking that the word "remodeled" sounds better than "updated" when advertising to prospective buyers? Hold on! There are important distinctions between the two terms, which can bring unexpected and unintended consequences if you're not familiar with the differences.

Believe it or not, it's the county tax appraiser who draws the line between a house that's been updated vs. remodeled. An updated home has had only cosmetic changes. Doing things like replacing carpet, switching out hardware and light fixtures, and painting the walls all count as updates. But when you start replacing countertops and cabinets,

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If you engage us to help sell your home, we usually start by consulting you on how to merchandise the house. We always tell sellers to first address any deferred maintenance. These are those big repairs that you've been putting off for one reason or another--yup, that leaky roof really does need fixing. Any hint of deferred maintenance in your home can easily spook buyers into thinking that house is a "money pit."

Once you address those issues, then we'll advise you to prioritize projects according to how potential buyers will experience the home. Think of walking up to a house for the first time, opening the door, then following a natural flow of being at home. You start with first impressions and try to make those buyers have as positive an

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You’re a turn-key kind of buyer but are frustrated by the lackluster market for move-in ready homes. You’d love to get into something bigger, fresher, or in a better location, but having few options that meet your wish list leave you feeling stuck.

Maybe you have more options than you realize. That is, if you consider a home that requires some remodeling or updating to make it every bit as awesome as you want.

We like to think of these homes as simply needing a bit of personal training. Buff ‘em up so to speak. And just like with getting ourselves off the couch and hitting the gym, the trick is to decide what’s most important to you and target one goal at a time.

Let’s break this down…

Say location is your top priority (it is for most

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Leaky PipesThe winter is the time of year for the greatest vigilance in your home. Maintenance around your home is critical as to avoid any damage caused by water and other sources. The most common of damages are caused by groundwater and rain seeping into your home, leaky pipes inside the walls, and pipes bursting from freezing and thawing. If you don’t already, now is probably a good time to purchase renters and home owners insurance. This State Farm Insurance video gives a very informative demonstration on how to shut off your water and insulate pipes. Specials attention should be paid to both indoor and outdoor pipes that are exposed to the cold. These include hose bibs, pipes in outside walls, garden sprinkler lines, swimming pool pipes and pipes in unheated

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As our previous blog post headlines, this season is shaping up to be an unconventional winter. What is usually a slow time in the housing market is proving otherwise as recent statistics and activity have shown that buyers are eager and not waiting until warmer weather to purchase a home. As a recent article in The Oregonian highlights, the decrease in inventory and simultaneous increase in home sales over the past few months means that homes currently on the market are a hot commodity. While there are fewer buyers this time of year, the buyers who are out looking tend to be more serious and often want or need to be in a home by the new year. Here are a few tips for using the holiday season to your advantage if your selling your home: It's important to

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