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Wallpaper is making a comeback! Recent design trends have shown that more people are utilizing the bold and versatile design options that wallpaper has to offer. Wallpaper has a room-transforming and style defining power that can’t be matched by a simple coat of paint.  

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It’s a pretty well know fact that the housing market in Portland is booming and doesn’t have any signs of slowing down. The lack of inventory and influx of people moving to Portland has contributed to the rising home prices in most neighborhoods. This is great news for sellers, but can a little discouraging for potential buyers looking to transition into home ownership. Even though prices are rising throughout Portland, not all neighborhoods are considered equal in terms of price. Portland Monthly recently came out with a report that breaks down each Portland neighborhood by price. This what they said:

Portland's Top 10 Most Expensive Neighborhoods- 

Portland's Top 10 Most Affordable Neighborhoods- 


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Whether you're deciding to sell your home or looking to buy a home, you will gain an advantage from the currently low interest rates on home loans. The unexpectedly low interest rates improve home affordability for buyers and increase the pool of eligible buyers for homeowners looking to sell their homes. Last fall, the financial world predicted that the Federal Reserve would raise its federal funds interest rate and all home loan interest rates would rise as well. In December 2015, the Fed did raise its rate by 0.25%, and home loan rates bumped up a little. Then a funny thing happened - home loan rates began to fall. And fall. And fall again.

Today, interests rates of 3.625% for a 30-year fixed rate loan, and 2.875% for a 15-year fixed

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After a long, somewhat contentious, 18-month process, the Portland Public School Board voted on Tuesday night to implement boundary changes for several Westside Portland schools. The wide-ranging changes are designed to relieve overcrowding issues at Chapman, Maplewood, Capitol Hill Elementary Schools and Lincoln High School. One of the main overarching goals is to provide sufficient space for the Odyssey focus-option program, and correct for under-enrollment at Hayhurst Elementary brought on by the relocation of the Odyssey program. Here are the proposed changes:

Bridlemile Elementary 

The District created a "split-feed" elementary school that will send students "graduating" from Bridlemile Elementary to two different middle schools and high

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Although some renters believe that renting is “maintenance free,” they are actually paying for maintenance in their rent – whether they need it or not.  Renting offers you no equity, no tax benefit, and no protection against regular rent increases.  If you’re paying rent, you’re really just paying someone else’s mortgage.  Let’s compare.*



* Approximate Payment/Cost Comparison based on estimated annual tax results.  Based on 2.5 tax bracket and on estimated first year interest and taxes.  Recommend consulting with tax expert.  Payment based on FHA 30-year fixed rate loan with 7% interest rate, sales price of $125,000 and a loan balance of $121,250.  Interest rate/rental rates, prices, terms, and availability subject to change without

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A home is a sanctuary, a place where family gathers, where children grow, and where life happens. Buying a home is one of the most significant purchases you can make and it is imperative that your investment is protected. Whether it is your first house or your fifteenth, insurance may be required if your home is financed but essential for all home owners regardless of financial backing. Choosing the right insurance can be a daunting task, so let us help. Here is a basic breakdown of the types of home insurance that are both required and highly recommended for home owners:

Most preferred insurance companies will require at least 4 coverages be in place:

Coverage A – Dwelling- The home itself and attached structures. Also may cover materials and

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Spring is here! Many home owners are taking advantage of the change in weather by starting home improvement projects. Since home renovations are both costly and time consuming, it is important to know what projects are going to yield the greatest return.

Each year the National Association of Realtors reports on the cost of common remodeling projects and how much they add to the value of a typical home. The following are the estimates for the Portland area published in December, 2016:

The cost data comes from HomeTech Information Systems, a remodeling estimating software company, and is adjusted for regional pricing variations. The added value estimates are based on sampled NAR members’ professional judgment, not actual sales.©2015 Hanley Wood,

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Putting move plans on hold because you're not confident that you can find a suitable home to move into?  You're not alone.  

We're seeing this happen across the market with our friends and past clients.  Other Realtors in our market center also report that their friends and past clients are waiting for improved inventory before they list their home for sale.

If you need to clear a mortgage loan or need equity from your current home before you can purchase, and insist on waiting to find your next home before bringing your current home to market, chances are overwhelmingly high that you will miss the opportunity to take advantage of this great sellers' market and current low mortgage interest rates.

If the prevailing sentiment in the market is to

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Location is one of the most influential factors in real estate. In Portland, the neighborhood you live in dictates what school your children attend. The Portland public school district boundary changes are affecting more than just families with school age children. Since many home buyers are influenced by their children’s educational success, the quality of a school is imperative. Many home owners are concerned how the boundary modifications will effect the value of their homes. A property that is no longer in a top performing school district will likely be less desirable to buyers with school age children. Official decisions regarding the boundary changes have not yet been reached and according to the boundary advisory committee the changes will not take

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With every season, comes another sweet honey-do list and Portland Home Team is here to help. To assist homeowners who are looking to sell their home, or new home owners who need a little guidance, our team is offering a free home quality consultation. By conducting a simple walk through, a qualified professional is able to advise homeowners of projects that will not only increase the equity of their home, but also ensure that all home safety standards are being maintained. The Portland Home Team has close relationships with a skilled team of professional contractors. We can assist with the coordination home improvements and repairs while providing fair pricing, quality workmanship, and the best information available.

This month is MOLD Month! You have

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