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Portlandia, take note.  Portland is becoming a popular destination for a larger segment that just those youngsters looking for the ideal place to retire.  Maybe it's Karma that our city with early adopters for hybrid cars and "green" or high-performance buildings, with an ethos for bikes and public transit instead of cars is also in the region of the country that some climate experts believe will be least impacted by global warming. Impacts of Global Warming- Migration to Pacific Northwest

Whether it's severe storms, drought, interruptions in the water supply, flooding and rising sea levels, heat waves, or other related consequences of rising global temperatures, it appears that Washington and Oregon will be relatively unscathed.

To read more about this study, check out the story at OPB, or Cliff

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As you probably already know, working with real estate investors continues to be both my personal passion and professional specialty. Recently, I was honored to be asked to speak on the topic by Bank of the West and Lawyer's Title at an upcoming investor seminar. It'll be a great introduction to investing in multi-family real estate. Please see invitation details below.   Would you be interested in attending? Or know of anyone else that would find this investor seminar helpful? - Ellen
    You're invited!                                        Why Invest in Multi-Family Real Estate? An Investor Seminar sponsored by Bank of the West and Lawyers Title
Thursday, October 16th,
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