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Wallpaper is making a comeback! Recent design trends have shown that more people are utilizing the bold and versatile design options that wallpaper has to offer. Wallpaper has a room-transforming and style defining power that can’t be matched by a simple coat of paint.  

Do your walls need a little love? Check out one of Portland's best design companies, Manolo Walls is a local boutique that can help you with your wall decor needs, offer inspiration, and highlight the latest trends in wall covering designs.

1212 SE Gideon St. Portland, OR 9720
Hours: Mon-Fri 10am - 5pm

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It’s a pretty well know fact that the housing market in Portland is booming and doesn’t have any signs of slowing down. The lack of inventory and influx of people moving to Portland has contributed to the rising home prices in most neighborhoods. This is great news for sellers, but can a little discouraging for potential buyers looking to transition into home ownership. Even though prices are rising throughout Portland, not all neighborhoods are considered equal in terms of price. Portland Monthly recently came out with a report that breaks down each Portland neighborhood by price. This what they said:

Portland's Top 10 Most Expensive Neighborhoods- 

Portland's Top 10 Most Affordable Neighborhoods- 


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Whether you're deciding to sell your home or looking to buy a home, you will gain an advantage from the currently low interest rates on home loans. The unexpectedly low interest rates improve home affordability for buyers and increase the pool of eligible buyers for homeowners looking to sell their homes. Last fall, the financial world predicted that the Federal Reserve would raise its federal funds interest rate and all home loan interest rates would rise as well. In December 2015, the Fed did raise its rate by 0.25%, and home loan rates bumped up a little. Then a funny thing happened - home loan rates began to fall. And fall. And fall again.

Today, interests rates of 3.625% for a 30-year fixed rate loan, and 2.875% for a 15-year fixed

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After a long, somewhat contentious, 18-month process, the Portland Public School Board voted on Tuesday night to implement boundary changes for several Westside Portland schools. The wide-ranging changes are designed to relieve overcrowding issues at Chapman, Maplewood, Capitol Hill Elementary Schools and Lincoln High School. One of the main overarching goals is to provide sufficient space for the Odyssey focus-option program, and correct for under-enrollment at Hayhurst Elementary brought on by the relocation of the Odyssey program. Here are the proposed changes:

Bridlemile Elementary 

The District created a "split-feed" elementary school that will send students "graduating" from Bridlemile Elementary to two different middle schools and high

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