Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

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Getting Your Home Ready To Sell Close
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Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

Sellers usually want to know what they should do to get their home ready to market. While we will discuss concerns specific to your home, there are a few considerations which apply to most homes. Your home will likely sell faster and at a higher price if these issues are addressed before potential buyers visit.

Imagine yourself as a prospective buyer seeing the home for the first time. You would drive up, walk in the front door, and start your tour in the common rooms. Your efforts should be focused here; first impressions matter. The following are a few tips:

Cultivate curb appeal.

Buyers tend to make snap judgments as they search for the perfect home. If the view of your home from the street turns them off, they might not even stop. Shape up your front yard (e.g., mow the lawn, trim hedges, clear sidewalks, etc.), repair any problems in front of your home, and make sure the house number is clearly visible.

Demonstrate pride of ownership.

Repair squeaking doors, creaking floors, torn or missing screens, cracked glass, dripping faucets, and other minor items. Many buyers believe that several unnoticed problems exist for every problem they see. A well-maintained home assures buyers that ordinary wear-and-tear items have been addressed.

Remove clutter.

A cluttered home feels cramped, small, and crowded. Straighten your closets and clear off shelves. Dispose of unneeded items or rent a storage unit to move out your “extra” belongings.


Clean the carpets, wash the windows, and address pet odors. Put sparkle in the kitchen and bathrooms. Touch up or repaint dirty walls; if possible, choose neutral colors.

Play to a buyer’s psyche.

Ideally, a buyer should focus on the fun opportunities that come with owning your home instead of the household chores. Items needed for maintenance should be hidden or neatly arranged (e.g., lawn mowers, hoses, vacuum cleaners, etc). Items which look like fun, such as skis and kids’ toys, should be accented.

Consider professionally staging your home.

Home stagers arrange, decorate, and light homes in ways that give prospective buyers a sense of possibility.

Review the Seller’s Property Disclosure.

You will represent the condition of your home to potential buyers in this statutorily required document. Review a copy to flag other issues you may want to address ahead of time.