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Archive for July 26, 2016

Little house in the grass

Rental Prices in Portland

The Portland Business Journal just came out with this article on rental prices in Portland. Here is what they had to say- In Portland, you can get a room in a house. So says a new report from apartment search company ABODO, which took an...

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Yard sale

Strategies for a successful yard sale

It always feels great to get rid of the things you don’t need. One option for decluttering is to haul everything to a donation center, or perhaps even a dump (where you’ll have to pay to get rid of your stuff). But with a little more ef...

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Start Here if You Need to Tackle Summer Maintenance

Winter is hard on your home. The weight of snow puts stress on your roof, and the cold expands and contracts the materials your home is made of. Now that winter weather is behind us, here’s where you should start with post-winter home mainten...

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