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Archive for November 29, 2016

Things to Do Thanksgiving!

Your Guide to Holiday Feasting Without Having to Cook a Damn Thing! Feast your eyes on this feast of restaurants offering literal feasts you can devour on Thanksgiving Day, all without needing to spend a single second in your kitchen cooking...

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housing trilemma

A snapshot of Portland-area housing costs

Metro News came out with an article that discusses Portland's housing cost an the aspects that affect it. How much it costs to live here – and who pays. 7 things to know. Almost daily, the stories shout from greater Portland's newspa...

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What affects your home insurance?

Research suggests that about 1 in 20 homeowners will make an insurance claim each year. So while it may seem that your monthly home insurance expenses aren’t worthwhile, the chances of needing your insurance are higher than you might thi...

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Five steps for better garage organization

For many people the garage is the place you mindlessly store stuff just to get it out of the way, and before you know it, you’ve got a cluttered mess on your hands. Here are five steps toward organizing your garage for good. Make a...

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