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About Portland

About Portland

Portland, a.k.a. Stumptown, Bridgetown, Rip City, the “City of Roses”, is a perfect city to call home. Here’s why:

Enjoying and Preserving the Great Outdoors

Portland is proud of its parks and legacy of preserving open spaces. It has the highest parks-per-capita ratio in the United States. In fact, Forest Park is the largest wilderness park within city limits in the U.S. Portland is also home to the world’s smallest park, Mill Ends Park, which encompasses just 0.3 square meters, making it little more than a two-foot diameter circle of grass and flowers.

Home of the Microbrew Revolution and the Oregon Pinot

  • Portland is well known for its microbreweries. In fact, there are 31 breweries within its city limits – more than in any other city in the world! For upcoming events and microbrewery locations, visit the Oregon Brewers’ Guild website.
  • Willamette Valley Wine Country is less than an hour away! Visit our prosperous vineyards and sample some of the most exquisite wines in the world.

Culinary Interests and Arts & Crafts like you’ve never seen before

  • The Food Cart Revolution  has found a home in Portland, and you’re sure to find a cart to satisfy your craving
  • Support our local economy and shop at one of the Portland Farmers’ Markets!
  • As the largest continually operated outdoor arts and crafts market in the U.S., the Portland Saturday Market is held under the Burnside Bridge and attracts over 750,000 visitors annually; all items must be handmade by the seller.

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