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Add The Most Value To Your Home In 2014

  1. Steel entry doors are a modestly priced upgrade that will create lasting curb appeal. Not only are they more energy efficient, the doors come in many colors or can be painted to match your homes’ exterior. National average cost: $1,162 ROI: 96.6%
  2. Doesn’t everyone want a backyard deck? Whether you’re relaxing or entertaining, Americans love the outdoor living a backyard deck provides. The average wood deck costs about $30/sq. ft, which is just a fraction of the cost for an enclosed addition. National average cost: $9,539 ROI: 87.4%
  3. A more affordable way to add an additional bedroom to your home is to create an attic conversion. This allows you to maintain the original footprint of the home. By adding insulation between floor joists, or by installing a rubber acoustic barrier under the flooring, you will be able to sound proof the rooms below. National average cost: $49,438 ROI: 84.3%
  4. Upgrading garage doors adds style and can create a more energy efficient house. There are many options to choose from, like plain and simple steel panel doors to an energy efficient model with insulation and glass windows that look like painted wood. National average cost, midrange steel: $1,534 ROI: 83.7% National average cost, upscale insulated steel: $2,791 ROI: 82.9%
  5. Perhaps no other building material plays such a key role in your home as siding. Fiber-Cement siding is resistant to moisture, termites, rot, and fire. This creates longevity and ultimately a long term money saver. It is also requires less painting over time because it is stable and does not flex – yet another money saver. National average cost: $13,378 ROI: 87%
  6. Energy efficient windows are a great option for replacement windows. They help you save money and look great, too! Some options to look into are low-E coatings and argon gas insulation. National average cost, 10 midrange vinyl replacement windows: $9,978 ROI: 78.7% National average cost, 10 upscale wood replacement windows: $16,798 ROI: 74%
  7. Vinyl siding continues to be the most popular choice when it comes to siding replacements. It is relatively inexpensive, low maintenance, and light weight. You can even add insulated vinyl to help with thermal resistance to help cut energy costs. National average cost, midrange vinyl: $11,475 ROI: 78.2% National average cost, insulated vinyl: $14,236 ROI:78.1%
  8. Minor kitchen updates can give you one of the highest average returns. This has been evident for the last 10 years. By simply updating cabinet doors and drawer fronts, countertops, flooring and appliances, you can create a beautiful kitchen for years to come. National average cost: $18,856 ROI: 82.7%