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Preparing to Buy

Before you start shopping for your property, you will need to go through the mortgage loan application process so that you know how much you can afford.

A Brief Guide To Obtaining A Loan To Purchase Your Home

Step 1: Application

  • Complete a loan application in person, by phone or via the internet.
  • Application reviewed to match you with desired loan program.
  • Credit report ordered and reviewed.
  • Pre-Qualification Letter may be issued at this time.

Step 2: Initial Underwriting

  • File forwarded to lender for initial underwriting.
  • Underwriter determines what is needed to support your application (e.g. bank statements, tax returns, appraisal).
  • Conditional Loan Approval issued at this time.

Step 3: Processing

  • Loan officer and processor gather information requested by underwriter.
  • Preliminary title report requested and home appraisal and inspection may be completed.
  • Loan officer may request additional information from you at this time.

Step 4: Final Underwriting

  • Lender evaluates your file again with all of the supporting information.
  • Any additional required information is requested.
  • Final Approval issued and loan documents drawn.

Step 5: Funding

  • Execute closing documents at title company office.
  • Deed of Trust recorded at the county recorder’s office.
  • Lender releases funds for wire transfer.
  • Funds disbursed to the proper recipients.

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