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Portland Ranked #1 Most Liked City In The U.S.

Money Journal recently took a poll to find the 10 most liked cities in the US. The results showed that some unlikely cities, big and small, made it onto the most popular list. It doesn’t take much observation to see how passionate Americans a...

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Kitchen Remodeling Trends

About half of new home owners undertaking a home improvement project choose to remodel their kitchen. Just in time for the holidays, we have got the top trends to make sure your kitchen turns out beautifully and with a better resale value! ...

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Oregon: 2013’s Top U.S. Moving Destination

Portland, Oregon and its suburbs have frequently topped popularity lists as one of the United States’ most favored places to live in 2013. As a proud resident of Portland, it is easy to see why so many people recognize what a wonderful city w...

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Surprise: Homes Near Good Schools Worth More

According to Redfin houses near top ranked schools are selling on average $50 more per square foot than houses that are not. Redfin analyzed home prices compared to the test scores of elementary schools across the country. Home prices in hi...

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