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First Time Home Buyers

Rent Vs Buying

Renting Vs. Buying

Although some renters believe that renting is “maintenance free,” they are actually paying for maintenance in their rent – whether they need it or not. Renting offers you no equity, no tax benefit, and no protection against regular rent ...

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Is Your Home Protected?

A home is a sanctuary, a place where family gathers, where children grow, and where life happens. Buying a home is one of the most significant purchases you can make and it is imperative that your investment is protected. Whether it is your fir...

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Cost Vs Value

2016 Cost vs. Value Report

Spring is here! Many home owners are taking advantage of the change in weather by starting home improvement projects. Since home renovations are both costly and time consuming, it is important to know what projects are going to yield the greate...

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Dear First-Time Home Buyer…

Hey, we TOTALLY get it! Having your own house now is way cool! You finally get to make your own decisions and do things your OWN way. Awesome! And 'cuz we know this is a big responsibility (no stress, right?) we've made you this list of stu...

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Remodel Before After Exterior

Re-Thinking the Cosmetic Fixer

You’re a turn-key kind of buyer but are frustrated by the lackluster market for move-in ready homes. You’d love to get into something bigger, fresher, or in a better location, but having few options that meet your wish list leave you feelin...

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Tips To Become A Highly Effective Homebuyer

While searching for a home, there are key habits that help a homebuyer be successful. Below is how we suggest you face the often overwhelming task of making smart, sustainable decisions in a volatile real estate marketplace. Be Proactive: Succe...

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