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HC vs NA

Should We Expand the Urban Growth Boundary ?

Jon Bell wrote an interesting post in this past week's Portland Business Journal that highlight the underlying or root cause of the run-up in both home prices and rents.   The average Portland home price is roughly 44% higher than the...

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What Drives Fixed Mortgage Rates?

The Federal Funds Rate & Fixed Mortgage Rates The Federal Funds Rate sets the interest rate banks charge each other on overnight loans made to meet reserve requirements. The Federal Funds Rate also determines the Prime Rate, upon which many ...

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housing trilemma

A snapshot of Portland-area housing costs

Metro News came out with an article that discusses Portland's housing cost an the aspects that affect it. How much it costs to live here – and who pays. 7 things to know. Almost daily, the stories shout from greater Portland's newspa...

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Little house in the grass

Rental Prices in Portland

The Portland Business Journal just came out with this article on rental prices in Portland. Here is what they had to say- In Portland, you can get a room in a house. So says a new report from apartment search company ABODO, which took an...

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A Closer Look at Portland’s Neighborhoods

It’s a pretty well know fact that the housing market in Portland is booming and doesn’t have any signs of slowing down. The lack of inventory and influx of people moving to Portland has contributed to the rising home prices in most neighbor...

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