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Forced Branches: Bring Spring into your home!

In the grayness of a Portland February and early March, we can still bring a bit of springtime into our homes. I try to always have something in my vases. Flowers from my garden are an obvious choice in when in season. However, in the winter I will bring in winter berries, cedar, pine or douglas fir branches just because I love their beautiful shades of green and wonderful fresh aromas they emit. Then once Valentines Day rolls around I’m foraging for flowering branches that are not quite ready to bloom. Flowering branches make dramatic arrangements and “forcing” is a way to trick spring branches into producing early blooms. Forsythia, quince, and crab apple are a few of my favorites.

I’m blessed to live in my “Nanny’s” home and have her 70-year-old quince bush to harvest from.

 A charter member of the Cedar Mill Garden Society, those gals shared seeds, bare roots, recipes and a lot of knowledge and I’m pretty sure the latest news in the neighborhood. Try this simple trick to bring a little springtime into your home.

— Karen Gibson, Real Estate Broker 585-752-4984