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How to Host a Twilight Open House with Karen Gibson

We asked real estate broker, Karen Gibson, to give us her expert advice on how to host a twilight open house. Here is the result from her latest one this last Friday evening at her listing in NW Portland:

1. Yummy food platter, because everyone loves tasty snacks.

2. Put out lots of signs and balloons.










Attention grabbers and directionals so everyone knows how to find the lovely home!

3. Make sure guests feel welcome. 










And make sure visitors can themselves living in the home!

4. Pound the pavement.

















Time to invite the neighbors. Create invitations and doorknock

5. Create a little ambiance.

















Light some candles to add a warm glo

6. Mood lighting.










Turn off overhead lighting and turn on those flattering low lights with table lamps!

7. Make it comfy-cozy.
















A crackling fire lit, and calming music filling the entire home is sure to create an inviting atmosphere as guests arrive!