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Leveraging relationships: A turnkey solution for building your new home

In a market as tight as the current Portland real estate market, it can be hard to find a home that’s just right for you. The average total market time for inner-Portland homes in February was a short 50 days according to the RMLS monthly area report, and even if you should find your dream home in time, you’ll likely be contending with competing offers. Instead of compromising on your needs or the price, building your own home can be an attractive option.

If you’ve not built from the ground up before, you might be flummoxed on where to start. Your builder will want to know your vision, your lender will want to see your architectural plans, your realtor will want to know your budget, which of course brings you back to the builder.

offens end new constructionWe think you’ll have the most success- and least frustration- when your teams work together. Portland Home Team can start you off by showing you some in-process homes and completed new construction. This will help you build a real-life Pinterest board of what you’re looking for. We also can show you a variety of land and reconstruction options on the market, so you’re ready to meet with a great builder like Ashley Offensend of Evergreen Homes about comparative benefits of each site. Jason Spohn at Umpqua Bank will then be ready to crunch some numbers with Umpqua’s All-in-one Custom loan to give you a first-estimate of what you can qualify for and start discussing loan options which can assess based on the the full value of your future, newly-minted house.

Once the broad requirements are set, we can start to fill in the details together. The Portland Home Team’s nuanced understanding of city permitting allow you to pick a land plot which will optimize your budget, so you don’t lose tens of thousands on unforeseen development fees halfway through construction. Evergreen Homes will then help you finalize your architectural plans. This is where it gets really fun— you’ll be choosing design, finishes, and all the extras to make your home shine. Evergreen will present the cost breakdown along with the finalized plans, and you’ll be ready to formally apply for your loan. Umpqua will order appraisals of your plans and 30-45 days later, you’ll be approved to start! Permits in hand, a timeline for building guaranteed to within two weeks of estimate, you can kick back while Evergreen Homes makes your dream home a reality. Let’s break ground!

Thinking about selling your newly constructed home? As your home nears completion, the Portland Home Team will get the word out about the gem you’ve created. We are experienced showcasing new construction, with a track-record of success.


The Portland Home Team are Portland natives who love their home town and know the market better than anyone. Trust them to help you find your dream Portland home!

– Portland Home Team: Experience. Excellence.