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Oregon: 2013’s Top U.S. Moving Destination

Portland, Oregon and its suburbs have frequently topped popularity lists as one of the United States’ most favored places to live in 2013. As a proud resident of Portland, it is easy to see why so many people recognize what a wonderful city we live in. According to United Van Lines’ annual migration study for 2013, more than half of all interstate moves made involving Oregon were people moving to the state. 61% of the interstate moves were incoming versus only 39% outgoing. That was the highest in-migration percentage in the U.S. Lower cost of living and industrial growth are attracting more people and jobs to Oregon and other Southeastern and Western states. The continued migration to the Pacific Northwest seems to be based off of a sought after lifestyle, particularly by young adults and retirees. Amenities like great public transportation, lots of green space, arts and entertainment, and active lifestyles are a few of the draws causing a spike in migration. Another key factor is that home prices are much lower in Oregon in comparison to other states. According to Zillow, the median home price in Portland for a single family home is $285,000. The median home prices in California are much higher, with San Francisco coming in at a whopping $881,000 and Los Angeles at $481,000. This may be the cause of California’s inability to attract new residents. United Van Lines reported that just as many people moved out of California as they did move in during 2013. As cities become home to corporations that are able to provide more job opportunities, people are expected to follow.