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Portland Dog Parks

It’s no question Portland loves dogs. Along with the microbrewers, bicyclists, and outdoor enthusiasts, Portland prides itself on its love for man’s best friend. The city is rated the top urban location in the US to own a dog because of its expansive selection of dog-friendly locations, including an expansive list of dog parks, dog-friendly hotels, and it’s one of the few cities you can take your dog into pubs!

Portland has more dog parks per capita than any other large city in the United States. Boasting 33 off-leash areas around Portland Metro alone, there’s always an opportunity to meet fellow dog lovers and exercise your canine companion.

Here are the Portland Home Team’s favorite parks to visit with your dog:

1. Chimney Park 9360 N Columbia Blvd. | 18 Acres | Fenced

Located in North Portland, this is one of the largest completely fenced off-leash dog parks in the city. Plenty of shaded areas and picnic benches makes this a great place to relax and watch the dogs socialize. The park is well maintained with doggy bags and garbage cans, but make sure to bring plenty of water since there is no running water available.

2. Council Crest Park SW Council Crest Dr. | 44 Acres | Unfenced

Historic Council Crest is one of Portland’s highest points. Resting at 1,073 feet above sea level, the panoramic views of the city and sunsets are spectacular. There’s also a 2-acre off-leash area, and the park also includes paved and unpaved path, picnic tables, Plaza, public art, and a vista point.

3. Gabriel Park SW 45th Ave & Vermont St | 1.75 Acre | Fenced

The popular fenced dog park is a bustling place for dogs to run and play. There’s also a 2nd smaller+quieter fenced dog park on SW 45th & SW Canby St. Both have water access, doggy bags, and the occasional tennis ball to throw. The entirety of Gabriel Park is a great place to visit with the family too. Measuring 90.65 acres, it features a baseball field, softball field, soccer field, basketball courts, tennis courts, skatepark, volleyball courts, accessible play area, accessible restrooms, paved and unpaved paths, reservable picnic sites, and WiFi, just minutes from Multnomah Village.

4. Wallace Park at Chapman Elementary NW 25th Ave & Raleigh St | 5.39 Acres | Fenced

Located in northwest Portland, Wallace Park offers a variety of features including accessible picnic areas with shelter, accessible play areas, accessible restrooms, basketball court, large grassy fields, playground, soccer field, softball field, tennis court, hidden bronze sculptures and a sizable fenced dog park for the urban area. Close to NW 23rd shopping and restaurants with dog-friendly patios and outdoor seating.

Chapman Elementary is also known for it’s swift watching in late August. Thousands of Vaux’s Swifts gather at the school’s chimney before their great migration to Central America. Over 2,000 Portlanders gather to watch this event!

5. Irving Park NE 7th Ave & Freemont St | 16.26 Acres | Unfenced

This spacious unfenced park is unique in that it has almost 200 trees planted within the 16-acre space. The park includes accessible restroom, baseball field, basketball court, horseshoe pit, walking paths, reservable picnic site, playground, soccer field, softball field, tennis backboard, tennis court, lighted tennis court, and volleyball court. There’s also an interactive fountain, perfect for cooling off on hot summer days. Fun for you AND your dog!

6. Mt Tabor SE 60th Ave & Salmon St | 190.82 Acres | Partially Fenced

Portland’s Mt. Tabor, a volcanic cinder cone, is a very popular destination and features expansive views of downtown Portland, picnic areas, a dog off-leash area, natural surface and paved paths, an accessible playground, a performance stage, tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, plus a picturesque outdoor reservoirs that once held the city’s drinking water. There’s even a reservable wedding site.

7. Sandy River Delta Crown Point Hwy, Troutdale | 1,400 Acres | Unfenced

Also known as “Thousand Acres”, Sandy River Delta is the ultimate Disneyland for dogs to run free. 1,400 acres of open fields and wetlands bordered by the Columbia and Sandy Rivers provide almost overwhelming opportunity for fetching, splashing, swimming, and running wild. There’s plenty of opportunity for socializing with other dogs at this park as well as hiking trails. While it’s not 100% off-leash, many of the trails are designated as off-leash areas. Keep an eye out for mountain bikers and horses, however, if your dog spooks at either. And definitely pack your own water.

8. Fernhill Park NE 37th & Ainsworth St | 27 Acres | Unfenced

Fernhill is a great space for high-energy dogs that need to run with a variety of terrain. Rolling hills and diverse trees fill most of the park. It also includes picnic areas, horseshoes, tennis courts and a playground.

 9. Cathedral Park N Edison Street and Pittsburg Avenue | 23 Acres | Unfenced

This park’s most notable feature is the St Johns Bridge, which towers over the park at 400 feet tall. It’s the only steel suspension bridge in Portland and it’s remarkable gothic style draws in many visitors. The park includes paved paths, picnic tables, a plaza, and of course, riverfront views with boat dock, ramp and canoe launch.

10. Sellwood Riverfront Park SE Spokane St & Oaks Pkwy | 8 Acres | Unfenced

Running along the Willamette River just south of Oaks Amusement Park is a wonderful oasis known as Sellwood Park. The perfect place for a swim for both dogs and humans alike! It’s great for a good game of river-fetch, just make sure to bring a towel or two, as you’ll be sure to get splashed.