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Portland Ranked #1 Most Liked City In The U.S.

Money Journal recently took a poll to find the 10 most liked cities in the US. The results showed that some unlikely cities, big and small, made it onto the most popular list. It doesn’t take much observation to see how passionate Americans are about the cities they love and live in. All you have to do is watch any professional sports team and their zealous sports fans to know how much the people are dedicated to their city. 10 Most Liked US Cities 1. Portland, Oregon – Portland, or better known these days as Portlandia, came in at the top of America’s list for big or medium sized cities. Although it lacks NFL and MLB sports teams, that did not stop this quirky city from being loved all over the nation. The “weird” culture, laid back lifestyle, excellent public transportation system, bike friendly streets, and most of all, their friendly citizens are some of the top attributes that draw people to Portland – Not to mention, Portland is pretty much the micro-brew capitol of the U.S.! To read about the other cities rated in Money Journal’s top 10 most liked list, click here for the original article.