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Protect your home from the thawing snow!

Watching the snow melt means warmer weather is upon us. It also means that that your basement or crawl space is at risk. Take a few precautions now to save your basement from becoming a flooded mess.


  1. Clear snow and debris from roof gutters if you can do so safely. Check that downspouts and sump pumps drain away from the house.
  2. Move excess accumulations away from the foundation, downspouts, basement window wells, and outside stairwells.
  3. Create a drainage path to catch basins or to low point water collection areas.
  4. Clear drains, including the storm water drain in your street, of excess snow and debris.
  5. Check hose bibs for leaks.
  6. Shovel your walkway if you can. Melted snow gets into concrete cracks, refreezes, and expands, thereby widening those cracks. Removing snow and ice as it melts minimizes the damage.
  7. Pay attention to the forecast. Rain melts snow quickly.

Should you run into problems, call us at 503-222-4300. We can help.