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Re-Thinking the Cosmetic Fixer

You’re a turn-key kind of buyer but are frustrated by the lackluster market for move-in ready homes. You’d love to get into something bigger, fresher, or in a better location, but having few options that meet your wish list leave you feeling stuck.

Remodel Before After Exterior

Maybe you have more options than you realize. That is, if you consider a home that requires some remodeling or updating to make it every bit as awesome as you want.

We like to think of these homes as simply needing a bit of personal training. Buff ‘em up so to speak. And just like with getting ourselves off the couch and hitting the gym, the trick is to decide what’s most important to you and target one goal at a time.

Let’s break this down…

Say location is your top priority (it is for most people). Visit ALL possible homes in the location you’re after and look at overall condition for their age. You can improve condition. You can’t change location. Consider whether updates would be more functional or aesthetic. Will you need to change or add space immediately for your family, or can you get by with the current floor plan?

Speaking of floor plan…how is it? Which rooms will you spend the most time in and are they acceptable for what you need right now? Weigh that consideration against other areas of the house that you’ll want to update eventually—say an unfinished basement or attic space.

And as you think about future projects, ask yourself if knocking down a wall or two will help open up the flow and add to the floor plan. Walls are always much easier to change than, say, relocating a stairway. Remember also that something like an old formal dining room can fairly easily be repurposed and combined into the kitchen.

Tackling any of these projects, whether in your current home or your next home is about prioritizing, planning, and spending your dollars wisely. When done right, the return on your investment can be valuable.

Don’t think for a minute you’re alone in this process. We’ve got all kinds of tricks up our sleeves! Together we can tour new home construction sites to see what’s current …spark your imagination. And did you know we have interior designers on site who can walk you through the best ideas and plans for your budget? See, told you we were awesome!

When you’re ready to see those houses that need a bit of personal training give us a call. We’ve got a list of homes just dying to hit the gym.