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Ready to Downsize?

Portland Home Team has you covered from start to finish. Each team member has unique talents and a deep level of expertise in specialized and strategic areas of real estate. You benefit from the sum of ALL our team members’ knowledge and seamless execution of real estate marketing, negotiations, and most importantly, transparency.

You also benefit from our sales and listing support team. They will be your assistants in scheduling appointments, inspections, staging, movers and packing, and any other task needed to get your home market ready to put your mind at ease during this emotional transition.

Because downsizing can feel overwhelming both emotionally & physically, we’ve mapped out a strategy to jumpstart the process:

      1. Start early. Give yourself plenty of time to process, because it will inevitably take longer than you expect! Take your time and don’t try to sort your entire house in one day or weekend.
      2. Start small. You probably can already think of a couple things in the kitchen or garage that you can easily part with, but avoid diving into a big room at the very beginning. The laundry room or linen closet are good places to start.
      3. Eliminate rooms you won’t have in your new home. Nearly everything in these spaces will need to be sold, donated, or relocated to other rooms. Items in these areas are good for consignment or Craigslist sales.
      4. Get rid of duplicates. This is especially true in your kitchen. You may have two or three spatulas and ladles; a couple oversized pots; and how many cookie sheets? Now is the time to reduce clutter.
      5. Only make Yes or No piles – no Maybe piles. Going through years of belongings will tug at your heartstrings and you’ll be tempted to make a third pile of things to keep if you have space. Don’t fall for it! You’ll end up with a “Maybe” pile bigger than the other two without making any real progress. If you use it regularly, keep it. If it’s been sitting in a closet or shelf for a year or more, it’s time to let it go.
      6. Don’t be afraid to sell things yourself. With Craigslist, Ebay, smartphone apps, yard sales, and an abundance of consignment shops, selling your unwanted belongings is easier than ever. Yard sales are great for fast, cheap sales. Online you have a large audience. Consignment is great for high-end furniture, handbags, and other accessories.

Don’t wait, now is the time to give us a call. 503-222-4300

We’re here to answer any questions you may have about selling your home and downsizing. Fill out the form below to request more free information on the timeline for how to get your home market-ready, the Portland Real Estate Market, and Portland Home Team’s moving concierge service.

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