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This Valentine’s Day: Dare to imagine that you could have a different life!

The TV is pouring out ads of strawberry’s dipped in chocolate, men shopping for sexy lingerie, heart-shaped boxes adorned with red satin bows and cupids arrow.  The season of love is in full swing!

This Valentines Day is different for me.  I’m without a love of my own and my dear friend has suffered devastating loses that left her and her two lovely daughters without their dad and brother.

This Valentine’s Day I’m flying from Portland to Philadelphia to help a friend get her home ready for sale.

We have a date!

Jennifer called a couple weeks ago. She is pensive and is emotionally torn.  She has a need to make a change.  She is considering selling her family home that she and Mike raised three very smart, amazing and gifted children in.  She has wonderful friends, lovely neighbors, great shopping (hello Wegmans!) and wonderful memories created there.
However,  I can hear a hankering in her voice for something more.  The five-bedroom home has only one full-time tenant.  The “empty nest syndrome” of kids daring to grow up and out of the nest and the deafening realization of facing it alone.   She called me back later and declared she is ready! Ready to move forward and asked if I would come to help her prepare her home for market.
The morning after our lovely Valentines dinner date, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work removing personal items, moving furniture, rearranging and repurposing rooms.  We edited the house down to a fine roux in order for potential buyers to imagine themselves making it their home.  It’s hard work physically and emotionally; however, I applaud my friend!
She is daring to imagine a different life for herself! I’m honored that she asked me to be by her side.  I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the season of love.
Join me on this challenging journey to support, love and encourage Jennifer to dare to imagine living a different life for herself. Follow the trip through upcoming blog posts and Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter posts.

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