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Tips for Staging Your Kitchen for Showings

Since this is the most used room in the house it can be a challenge while you are living in the house to keep it “staged.”

You want to show off all the counter space, so keep it pared down to a bare minimum. Remove all the extra electrics. Anything that clutters up the countertops or kitchen island needs to be tucked away. Remove everything off the fridge. Not magnets holding notes or photos. Have a fresh clean dishtowel over the stove handle for a pop of color. Be prepared to share what’s inside your pantry and cupboards. Keep them organized and orderly. Same with the inside the fridge. You can stage the countertop with a large bowl of fruit or lemons. Have a beautiful cookbook on an easel open to a gourmet dish. All these nuances subliminally suggest a chefs kitchen. Bon Appetit!



Every well-appointed hotel room offers a Coffee/Tea Bar station with all the accoutermentsincluded to get your morning off to a good start. Let’s get your kitchen organized beautifully and show off a daily morning ritual in the most organized and clever way. Make sure everything you need to make your morning beverage is right there at your fingertips.

Coffee Pot or hot water maker, an assortment of teas, hot chocolate, some cute mugs, cream and sugar containers, honey, stirring spoons,  napkins etc. You’ll love waking up to your own personal Coffee Bar!


As the kitchen is the hub of the home, some of us have bulletin boards close by to pin up calendars, schedules, events, artwork etc. This is your families personal information and not to be shared with potential buyers.  Good time to remind you that you want the buyers to envision themselves living there.  They should glide through your home without distraction. If your families personal details are on display, you can bet their natural curiosity about you can sidetrack them.  Let this also be a security reminder as well.  They should not see your name, your bills, doctor appointments, memberships, religious affiliations etc.. left out for their glances.  Keep it benign of your families personal details!  Instead, write a “Welcome Home” sign that evokes this is a happy home to come home to!

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